Currently my primary interest is in growing traditional (and the more unusual or ‘hard-to-find’) open pollinated varieties of ‘heritage’ vegetables and herbs using organic techniques focussed on soil quality and minimal intervention along with seed saving and selection of appropriate plants for the local environment.

Having collected and grown plants over many years for my own interest and use, I am now expanding my production to supplying select harvested edibles to other people. This extends from supply of individual seasonal harvest items to regular weekly ‘boxes’ and ingredients for preserves.

Aside from growing and harvesting I also help others design, build and populate gardens and supply seed and seedlings to plant out, grow on or to provide ‘live’ fresh edible culinary material.

I can grow to order some plants and produce. Usually due to my excessive propensity for collecting and experimenting I will fill all available growing space, but with enough lead time it is possible to allocate spaces for growing specific plants.

You may like to check out my bio growing notes blog which randomly tracks some of my growing activities but gives some idea of what is available.