Something about me…

I am an artist and designer working primarily with digital technologies and their related manifestations. This includes web/network, 3D form synthesis, audio and traditional print media and photo technologies. 3D form synthesis, animation and multimedia applications including online services have been an integral part of my professional and personal art & design practice.

I enjoy collaborative design processes and since about 1988 have spent a lot of time working with and helping other artists, designers and architects create, illustrate and perform their work. This includes 3D pre-visualisation and prototyping etc. along with performance and installation works.

My background also includes traditional art, craft and design techniques such as gem-cutting, ceramics and photography along side biological and ecological systems. I also have a background in teaching and education related to art & design at tertiary level mainly in art, design and architecture.

Community and collaborative exchanges are of great interest to me. My artworks now are primarily focused on active and ‘live’ works that do not generally inhabit spaces like galleries. I no longer have much interest in that kind of exchange, business or space.

I have been influenced and intrigued for much of my life by the idea of organic ‘life’ and the way our concept of identities and existences are formed, understood and expressed through various traditional and new avenues of communication.

Much of my commercial work is/has been done in confidence or is not for public consumption so it’s not shown here. Often i’ve helped with developing ideas and concepts that deal with or help solve longer term problems or issues…