Suspicious activity…

The Pied Currawong – Striper graculina –  is a fairly large local bird – very similar and related to the magpie. They are very smart and have a complex audio repertoire sometimes imitating other birds but mostly just calling to each other with complex call and answer routines. They gather at various times of the year in large flocks and call to each other usually in the late afternoons of  autumn. I have a couple of regulars who drop in to the backyard and converse with me via whistling calls. This was a quickly grabbed audio recording of a group in ‘3D surround sound ‘ standing on the edge of the local cliffs with some of the birds surrounding in the trees.

They are also very inquisitive and will often be found riffling through our fruit and vegetables on the kitchen benches inside the house. One has a taste for only avocados and will search them out and eat them only.

They nest in the local trees and generations will return each year to rear their young in the same places if they find it suitable.