The mid eighties marked the beginning of the circus that surrounded the idea of organised “terror” as a theme for widely distributed media such as television news shows and newspapers. We were starting to be confronted frequently with reports of how “terror” would change our lives. Being intrigued by this intense politic – I started playing with random multi exposure photo records of this using local landscapes, situations and items that were re-over-exposed with images from the media – mainly early morning or late night TV news shows. I just liked the idea of visualising that our safe local environments were being slowly drowned in media fear and a new existential angst. I only ever documented and overlaid news reports specifically about terror. They were totally random but some interesting juxtapositions and visual arrangements resulted. I just roughly printed out long strips of film on left over photo paper to see what would come out of the process…



Comp terror rock – 1987


Comp concerned chicken – 1987