Gold Nugget mini pumpkin

Gold Nugget is a small tasty little variety of pumpkin that grows usually on a small bush like plant and produces a lot of fruit. Because the plant never gets bigger than about a metre wide it is ideal for growing in small spaces. The bushes produce well and often will have up to 7 or more fruit in a season.

There are several growth forms that I have had from seed – some that just form a clump or bush and some that form a small vine that trails along for a few metres. The fruiit can have various colour patterns but usually is about the same size – up to about 20cm diameter – and usually they ripen over time so you can pick them sequentially. Each one is about a small meal size. We use them as segments or slices and lightly cooked through in a flat frying pan and the adding them to things like pasta (excellent with fresh rocket added) or cooking them in a batter as tempura.

My favourite form are those that stay quite small and have a green tinge around the inside of the skin – they do not lose this even when fully ripe. You can see this form in the larger one in the photo. The flavour is very intense.

It is worth trying a few seeds in a corner and experimenting over a few years till you get a form you like.

They are pretty hardy plants and just need a bit of sun, water and manure to push the growth along.