Pickled micro cucumbers

There is always a stack of extra fruit when you grow productive vines like Melothria scabra or ‘Mexican micro cucumbers’. If you have a stack of them and you don’t know what to do with them […]

Aji simple sauce

Here’s an extra simple way to make a long lasting sauce from your excess chill pepper fruit and easily preserve it. It’s based on a fairly minimal traditional way to make Aji Amarillo sauce. Chili […]

Pepino and Pineapple salad

A fresh ripe Pepino – Solanum muricatum – tastes pretty good by itself but even better when combined in various ways with other items like Fresh Pineapple and mint. The flavour can change quite a bit […]

tomatillo simple sauce

This season the tomatillo crop has been outstanding in amount and quality. There has been an abundance of all varieties and sizes. The simplest possible way to fully enjoy your fruity tomatillo is to simmer and […]

preserved salted lemons

I love preserved salted lemons! Here’s a simple way to make them. Essentially you are preserving them in acid (lemon juice) and salt. Over a fairly short time they soften up and take on that […]

Purple Congo potato

Purple congo is a prolific roughly shaped potato that is a dark deep purple colour with a very slight white marble. The white marble is hard to see when uncooked. The colour changes to a […]

Cabell d’àngel – melon jam

Cabell d’àngel is a melon jam originating apparently from Spain and made from the melon/squash fruit of (usually) Cucurbita ficifolia. It’s a simple tasty jam to make and great with pastries especially. Its basically a sugar syrup […]

Quince paste

Quinces are an interesting fruit but really need to be cooked to be able to be eaten. The usual way to cook or preserve Quince is to either bake it or simmer down to a paste […]

tomatillo paste

We had a small crop of tomatillos due to the crazy wet and cold weather this year and decided to make a nice simple tasty dipping paste for use in enchiladas and such that highlighted […]