Bean Roc D’Or

Roc D’Or is a classic open pollenated golden butter French snap stringless bush bean. It is a fast strong growing smallish bush and has prolific harvests of small yellow or gold beans (that start off light green) that have almost no string on them even when they get a bit older and larger. They have a black bean. They taste great raw straight off the bush but also especially when freshly picked and lightly steamed or dropped into hot water for a minute or so and then lightly buttered, salted and with a touch of lemon juice and maybe a few herbs like thyme sprinkled on.

The only down sides are:

They do tend to soften up a bit quite quickly after being picked so get them  bagged and into cold storage as fast as possible if you are not going to eat them immediately. Most people would not notice this – but if your are growing and eating them yourself you might – they are just so good straight off the bush!.

They seem to produce beans in stages on the same flowering spikes so you do have to be a little careful when harvesting that you don’t pull the smaller ones off as you go through the bush to snip the bigger ones off.

But they seem to handle both the heat and the cold, and are pretty tough with wind also – so I’d recommend them for just about any situation planted in spring, summer, autumn or light winters – as long as you are getting temps around 15c plus. (about 59F+)

bean_roc_d'or02 bean_roc_d'or03

Here’s a 10 metre row and another 5 metre row of them growing out in the open field. They have a light ground level spray watering system on them once a week and lots of Lucerne mulch. This 10 metre row has been harvesting about 5kgs+ a week.