Round Zucchini


The beauty of random pollination. This round Zucchini is a cross between the classic Costata Romanesco Zucchini and a primordial white squash Zucchini cross I had come up as a sport a few years ago. I have been growing these two often together in some areas of my growing plots because they compliment each other – both have excellent flavour and are easy to grow in all weather – especially hot and dry periods. When growing ‘open pollinated’ squash you have to expect every generation they throw up a few interesting variations. This one has grown again from seed  collected last year and looks like it might be a ‘keeper’. It has great shape, colour and texture and flavour.


The white zucchini was originally a random cross between Costata Romanesco and a white scallop squash. It has stayed true to form for about 3 years now. It has a very nice distinct flavour and is good both small and fresh or left to mature and grow large. It is OK for eating raw thinly sliced or shredded in salads or cooked as you would any other zucchini. The white colour can be a little off-putting for some as they assume it will be bland – but it’s not.

This relatively ordinary looking squash originally developed from the two below.

The white Scallop – very white and very solid flesh with thick skin.


Costata Romanesco is the very old large growing heavily ridged Zucchini with a fantastic flavour and texture.