Fava Bean – Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a short compact but heavily cropping variety of broad bean. It has a fairly distinct green bean especially when young. The image here is of the fully mature beans at the end of the season so they look paler than they would if picked early. They usually have medium sized pods of around 4-6 beans. But the first early pods can be a lot longer and sometimes have up to about 8 beans. The beans will tend to fade a bit to a cream as they age but they are still very tasty. The plants are very strong and fast growers and are usually not more than about 1m high with multiple strong stems and very tightly packed leaves, flowers and beans. They just always look productive and healthy. A good tasting and worthwhile variety to grow quickly in a small space. They are also very good for open fields or where there is a lot of wind and weather knocking the plants around.

This is an up close photo showing some Robin Hood with the more typical green tinge in the beans at maturity. The green is a vivid lime when very young and early in the season and they do look good on the plate as it does not fade much even when they are blanched.