Fava Bean – Peruvian Emerald

Peruvian Emerald is a short pod type Broad Bean. The plant generally stays fairly small and the pods have a small number of beans averaging about 2-3 in each pod. It is a fairly fast grower to harvest and will handle both cold and fairly warm dry weather. It has bright green beans  with the bean outer skin staying fairly lime (emerald) green right up until maturity and old age and drying out. Being a short pod variety it creates a bit more work in harvesting with some plants often only having 1-2 beans per pod, but it makes up for this in flavour.

The flavour is very green pea like for want of a better comparison, and it is very fresh and clean. It is excellent for fresh use in salads etc and does not have much, if any, of the traditional Broad Bean back flavour that some people find unpleasant. It will unlikely need to be blanched to remove any bitterness. It stays a clean and pleasant flavour right up till it starts to dry out and get the usual chalky Broad Bean texture. It is a Broad Bean worth trying with people who usually don’t like them.