cage update august 2011

The cage planting has been reorganised somewhat to make it easier to get to and weed and tend the plants.

A strip around the inside edge has been left free along with several walking strips through the middle of the plantings to allow foot room. It was very hard to get access to anything before without standing on plants.

Part of this involved stripping out the test plantings of sprouting broccoli. They were about up to 60-70 cm high before i removed them – forgot to take shots of them… doh. but very leafy and tasty despite not very big flower heads.

New plantings: Purple podded peas, gold snow peas, to grow up the walls, a long row of sicilian purple cauliflower and a patch of long pod broadbeans.

Also the two dwarf Apple trees have been pruned back ready for spring sprouting.

Current test plants include:

  • cabbage – very good so far
  • mixed lettuce – all very good so far especially the cos
  • wasabi lettuce – slow but good so far
  • cornsalad and tatsoi – slow but ok so far
  • bok choy – slow but ok so far
  • spinach – slow but ok so far
  • silverbeet – slow but ok so far
  • oregano – slow but ok so far
  • mizuna – slow but ok so far
  • peas – slow but ok so far
  • snowpeas – slow but ok so far
  • scarlet runner bean – put it in very late but got good growth for a shirt time and a decent sized root for regrowth this spring – should sprout again soon
  • 2 compact apple trees planted in July – no growth yet

It looks kind of minimal atm but a lot of the small seedlings are hidden by the lucerne mulch.