For a current seasonal produce list contact me directly or see the ‘Harvest‘ menu item.

You can see more generally what I am growing by looking at the main posts on this blog under ‘notes’ – as i am just taking photo snaps and making basic notes about the plants and varieties I have found interesting usually as they come to my attention as they are harvested on any given day.

There is always more growing…

I grow a very wide selection of plants and many varieties that are old or ‘heritage’ / ‘heirloom’.

My primary current largest supply crop is a selection of Garlic Varieties.

I also collect and grow a fairly large and unusual range of Broad Bean (faba-fava) varieties

Interests extend to a selection of plants with a collection from Australia, NZ and the pacific, the Andes region, Mexico and the Central American region, Japan and other Asiatic regional destinations along with the older european edibles.

Some selected examples of my favourites  that I produce regularly:

Japanese cuisine –

  • Burdock – (Arctium Lappa sp.) – Takinogawa, Watanabe
  • Cucumber – (Cucumis sativus) – Nishiki (Sooyow)
  • Japanese pepper – (Zanthoxylum piperitum) – leaf & berry
  • Kabocha Pumpkin/Squash – Black Futsu, Chirimen, Shishigatani, Hokkaido, Yokogama, Red Kuri
  • Komatsuna – (Brassica rapa var. perviridis)
  • Mitsuba – (Cryptotaenia japonica)
  • Mizuna & Mibuna – (Brassica rapa japonica)
  • Shingiku – (Chrysanthemum coronarium) – serrated & round leaf
  • Shiso – (Perilla frutescens var. crispa) – Green & red
  • Turnip – (Brassica rapa subsp. rapa) – White & Hinona Kabu
  • Wasabi – Wasabia japonica – Mazuma & Daruma (leaf, stalks and then flowers and main stem in season)
  • Winter melon – (Benincasa hispida)
  • Myoga Ginger – (Zingiber mioga)
  • Watermelon – ( Citrullus lanatus) – Suika white flesh
  • Daikon – (Raphanus sativus)Minowase
  • Bunching onion – (Allium fistulosum) – red and green stem, Ishikura
  • Rakkyo – (Allium chinense)
  • NZ spinach – (Tetragonia tetragonioides) – native to Japan
  • Chili – (Capsicum sp.) – Shishito, Santaka
  • Edamame – (Glycine max)


  • Capsicum – (Capsicum annum) – Small Chocolate
  • Chili –( Capsicum annuum) – Ancho (dried)/poblano (red & green)/ mulato (brown/black), Pasilla bajio (brown/black & dried), Serrano (red & green), Jalapeno & fresno (red & green), Mirasol (red & green)/Guajillo(dried)
  • Rocoto – (Capsicum pubescens)
  • Aji – (Capsicum baccatum) – Amarillo, Chanca, lemon drop
  • Mexican micro sour gherkin/cucumber (Melothria scabra) – tiny and sour pre pickled flavour
  • Tomatillos – (Physalis philadelphica) green, purple & michoacan
  • Mexican Tarragon – (Tagetes lucida)
  • Huacatay – Ocopa (Tagetes minuta)
  • Mountain Marigold – (Tagetes lemon) – flowers
  • Huauzontle – (Chenopodium nuttalliae)
  • Anise Hyssop – (Agastache foeniculum)
  • Mexican giant Hyssop – (Agastache Mexicana)
  • Papalo – (Porophyllum ruderale ssp macrocephalum)
  • Hopi Tea – (Thelesperma filifolium)
  • Epazote – (Dysphania ambrosioides, syn Chenopodium ambrosioides)
  • Artichoke root – Sunchoke – Jerusalem – (Helianthus tuberosus)
  • Oca – (Oxalis tuberosa ) – yellow, pink, white, red
  • Yacon – (Smallanthus sonchifolius)
  • Feijoa – (Feijoa sellowiana) – fruit and flowers
  • Pepino Dulce – (Solanum muricatum)
  • Caigua – Stuffing cucumber – (Cyclanthera pedata var. edulis)
  • Choko – Chayote (Sechium edule)
  • Naranjilla – (Solanum quitoense)
  • Potato – (Solanum tuberosum) – wide selection
  • Pumpkins, Squash & melons – Curcubita sp. – wide selection


2012 Workshop list

This is a very simplified growing list for the area here in the upper Blue Mountains. This list was produced for a simple workshop that I ran in 2012 at the local community gardens talking about growing local vegetables and herbs.

It just includes all the main core food plants I’ve tried growing and participated in helping grow. And which ones grow easily and which ones have been more variable based on season and weather. Of course there will be a vast variation depending on soil types and exposure to sun and so on. There are lots of variations such as specific types of tomato and bean etc. And the herbs are just the main varieties that are used in common meals.

Growing List

Download a PDF version – >  Growing List < – Updated 3 March 2012


Also for more general info about growing common food plants here in the mountains have a look at my random postings here: