Forster NSW community gardens

On Jan 11 [2012] I visited the Forster community gardens while staying in the area to the north of Sydney on the mid NSW coast. They are in a small park like gardening area next to the local neighbourhood and tourist information centre on the lake or river side of the central city area.

They seem well set up with mainly free standing growing containers all with their own watering and drip systems and activity areas. This is a smart and interesting design for use in a public area like this. There is a main thoroughfare path running through the area and there was a constant stream of people wandering or cycling through while I was there.

The weather on the coast there is edging into sub-tropical and it showed with some very nice growth on some of the plants I would not even attempt to grow in my cold temperate region.

I was also mildly impressed by their ‘not ready for harvest’ and ‘ready for harvest’ signs which they were using.