Yesterday the temperature hit over 40 degrees c [about 104 f] locally in Katoomba and we had a lot of new insect roadkill in our house to observe including some large dragonflys that were about 12-15cm body length and alot of butterflys including this nice specimen of what i’m pretty sure is Graphium Macleayanus. We often see this one locally along with a bright luminous blue one that is very similar. Note it has green legs and almost phosphorescent body hair. It is about 12 cm wide across the wingtips.

Being located high in mountains [at 1000+ metres – fairly high in Australian terms] and in the middle of a large national park, every day we get new and interesting insects dying in our house. The recent storms up in Queensland seem to have pushed a lot of new insects down the country to this area and then the heat and rain has also helped them along in reproducing and moving about.