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Law & Internet Cultures :: Kathy Bowrey

:: An Introduction

This site provides some background to the book Law & Internet Cultures, and links and teaching materials related to the associated course offered at the Faculty of Law, UNSW.

LAWS 3039 Law & Internet Cultures is a postgraduate course offered as part of the external linkLLM degree program and included in the external linkMedia, Communications and Information Technology Law Specialisation.

If space permits, this course may also be available to final year undergraduate students.

The book is available from... external linkCambridge University Press UK, external linkCambridge University Press Australia, external linkBarnes & Noble, external linkAmazon, external linkAbbey's Bookshop, external linkKinokuniya... and other good bookshops.

What is this subject about?

The course Law and Internet Cultures developed from a sense of frustration at the way technology and communications issues were being dealt with by law courses and academia.

Internet contexts have been grafted onto existing legal courses (eg. adding digital agenda classes to copyright, jurisdiction issues to defamation, cybercrimes to criminology etc). Where the curriculum allowed it, special topics have been grouped together in more “specialist” internet law or cyberlaw elective subjects. Here selection is often driven by the apparent topicality of a controversy circulating through the courts, legislature or in IT and legal news.

But beyond being “controversial” in various undiagnosed ways and involving internet technologies, what is there in common in the selection of subjects in internet law courses?

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